Mythbusting on the Tennis Court

The thing I love about working with my tennis coach, Jeff Salzenstein, is that he is constantly busting myths on the tennis court.  The thing I hate about it is that I was taught how to play tennis by practicing most of these myths.  Better late than never, right?

As we have covered in previous videos, footwork and the approach the to ball is critical – and it can be much more efficient than the typical series of little shuffles to the ball.  In this video, Jeff cracks another huge myth:

It’s not about getting to the ball early, it’s about getting there at the right time.

I don’t know about you, but I was taught to play tennis by getting the racquet back early and getting to where the ball is going to be as fast as possible.  As you’ll see in this video, that’s just not right.

You might have noticed jeff referencing some of the pros that hit the ball like this.  I went on YouTube and found this video of Djokovic hitting a variety of backhands and found that he hits most of his “great shots” with this footwork pattern.  Check it out:

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  1. Steve Swendler

    So is the footwork basically the same for the wide out service return?

    • we just worked on the serve return earlier tonight. i’m probably not going to explain it quite right, but the way i understand it is that the serve return is more about one step and then ending in the “horse stance” position.

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