The Backhand Slice

A update from the tournament I played last week…

I won a couple rounds and played ok in the matches I won.  The funny thing is that I played my best tennis in the third round and lost the match.  In the first set, I was absolutely on fire – I was seeing where I wanted to hit the ball and I was hitting it there.  It was a great feeling.

I ended up winning the first set 6-2 and was up 2-0 in the second and some blisters started to set in.  I tried to tighten up my shoes and try win the third set tiebreaker, but I just couldn’t rally.

After evaluating what has brought on this blister problem in the last couple months, I narrowed it down to socks.  I think the socks I was wearing were simply too thin and the moisture was causing friction.

I walked away from the match telling myself that if I had worn better socks, I would have put this guy away.  It’s not an excuse because I’m still happy with the way I played and I think I can build off of the experience – mostly by investing some money into better socks.

Later on in the week, I got together with Jeff and we talked about a couple things that I thought I could do better.  Here’s a video on the backhand slice, a shot I have always had problems with, mostly because I’ve never really learned how to hit it.  I’m primarily a two-handed backhand kind of guy, but the slice is a good shot to have as a change of pace and to bail you out of a shot where you’re out of position.  Here’s a great lesson from Jeff that dispels yet another myth of Tennis.

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  1. Hey Neal, first off nice job on the progress! I’m one of Jeff’s many online students, so it’s nice to see the results of someone he’s teaching personally. I recently switched to the 2Hand back hand;I have to ask, since you have a 2 hand backhand what grip do you use? Or has Jeff suggested or recommended a grip for the backhand? I’m using a continental on the bottom hand an eastern forehand grip for the top hand (left had for a righty).

    Thanks Neal!

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