The Tennis Dip

When I’m not playing Tennis, I’m marketing stuff.  When I want to learn how to market stuff better, I read books written by Seth Godin .  For my money, Seth Godin is quite simply the best marketing business book author out there.  Among my favorite Seth Godin Books are Purple Cow, Tribes and Linchpin.

When I was out playing Tennis yesterday and completely frustrated with my game, one of Seth’s books came to mind: “The Dip: The Little Book that Teaches You when to Quit and When to Stick”.

I was literally at the point where I started to wonder if all of this work was going to pay off.  I seriously started to contemplate quitting this whole battle.  I wasn’t considering quitting the game of Tennis, but I did start thinking about quitting this quest to get to 4.5.  It’s frustrating because:

  • I’ve lost some weight
  • I’ve gotten back into decent shape
  • I’ve worked on my footwork
  • I’ve spent time in the gym
  • I played tennis throughout the winter
  • I’ve done all of the work but I’m not seeing the results.

Then I thought about “The Dip”.  The cover of Seth’s book is burned in my mind and I remembered that just like business, things can look awesome in the beginning, but there is going to be a rough patch.  There is going to be a time where things don’t look quite so great.  There’s going to be  a “Dip”.  According to Seth’s hypothesis, if someone can plow through that rough patch, things will start to look up again.

I came across a quote from Seth this morning on Guy Kawasaki’s blog as I was connecting the business side of “The Dip” to Tennis:

This means that the Dip isn’t pain; nor is it something to be avoided. The Dip is actually an ally. Because when the Dip shows up, you’re know you’re close to a breakthrough, to getting to the other side, to mastery, and to being the best in the world.

I found this interesting, because it was easy to look at the backward steps my game was taking as a really bad thing – but maybe it’s a really good thing?  I know that I have the ability to play a lot better – I was doing it just a month ago.  I also know that I’ve changed a lot in my game in the past few months, so my brain is processing a lot of stuff.

I didn’t start this project to get “a little” better at Tennis – I jumped into it to breakthrough the mediocrity, so I’m going to embrace The Dip.  I’m going to take it as a sign that things are getting better.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.  Have you experienced “The Dip”?  What did you do to get through it?

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