Memorial Day Tennis Bonanza

There is a ton of tennis action in Colorado on Memorial Day weekend.  There are five tournaments going on across the Front Range and I’m going to try and play in three of them.  I realize that there is a good chance I’m going to be double-booked and have to default a match, but screw it, my wife is out of town and I’m going to play a ton of tennis.

Here’s the schedule:

  1. NORTHERN COLORADO OPEN, FORT COLLINS – First round match is on Wednesday and could continue through the weekend.  This is a “Designated” tournament which means it’s worth more points in the rankings.  It’s also part of the Colorado Cup, which has it’s own ranking system.
  2. CLYDE ROGERS MEMORIAL DAY OPEN, WASHINGTON PARK/DENVER – This is always a fun tournament and attracts a lot of good players.  It’s played at “Wash Park” and the courts are surrounded by big trees.  It’s just a nice place to play.  This one is close to my house and will take precedent over the other ones.
  3. FLYING HORSE RANCH OUTDOOR CHAMPIONSHIPS, COLORADO SPRINGS – Half the battle of playing a tournament at Flying Horse Ranch is finding the facility.  I’ve been there once, so I feel like that gives me an advantage right off the bat.  This one is way down in Colorado Springs and is the low priority of the weekend.  If I’m out of the other ones, I’ll head south.

It will be a fun weekend.  Let’s get this party started.

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