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The “Lift and Land” Approach Shot

I don’t know about you, but I feel like my net game sucks.  It’s not that my volleys are awful, as I’m a decent doubles player and can hold my own at the net there.  But in singles, I have a lot of problems closing points at the net.

The issue probably isn’t my volleys – it’s the shot I hit to set up the volley.

Jeff and I were working on a shot he calls the “lift and land” a few weeks ago.   He pinpointed a couple problems I was having with this shot.  1) I was running in the wrong direction after I hit the shot.  2) I was losing all of my momentum when I hit the shot.  I was stopping, hitting the approach shot and then continuing into the net.  By the time I got into the net to hit the volley, I was prime passing material.

Have a look at this video where we go thru the Lift and Land.  Sorry about the audio problems at the 1:45 mark.  I messed up the opening and closing, but you’ll get the point.


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